Methods, tactics, and most importantly putting the time in fishing pays off.  Anglers make their own luck and nothing beats a bit of ground work.  As Ashley Hayden points out ‘Like any form of fishing, building up a bank of experience is the key to success, with a little luck thrown in of course’.  With this in mind Ashley headed to the River Barrow for a spot of Pike fishing.  Fishing companion David Murphy chose a swim noted for its coarse fishing potential, regularly delivering good bags of roach, dace, and hybrids to match anglers. On this occasion David landed a fine 8lb pike, his first ever river pike.

Staying with the Barrow, it is noted that one of the most active clubs in Leinster is the Carlow Coarse Angling Club. Under the Chairmanship of Mr Gerry McStraw the club host yearly angling events for match anglers, junior anglers and also run six week programmes for Rehab Carlow and the Irish wheelchair Association amongst other groups and organisations within Co.Carlow, Co.Laois, Co.Wexford and Waterford. The King of the Barrow event was a complete success from day one several years ago with anglers traveling from all over the Country, Northern Ireland, Overseas and even Eastern Europe.  Great to hear a good success story.  Well done to Gerry.

11lbs of solid Copper Coast Bass for Kenny winning him 'Catch of the Week'
11lbs of solid Copper Coast Bass for Kenny winning him 'Catch of the Week'

The Brain of Waterville, that is Kevin Brain of course assures of good winter fishing to come telling us there are still a good few bass around. And to prove the point Steven Neely and his fishing amigos Kenny and Jonny fished the  Copper Coast.  A fine 11lb solid Bass was the catch for Kenny, giving him our Catch of the Week.  A true beauty of a fish!  Steven and his friends also caught flounder and schoolies.  Again they echo Ashley’s comments saying ‘With fishing the hard work pays off’

With freezing nights and bitter winds David Muirin stuck to the East coast and caught everything from a tiny shanny to a large conger eel.  For him there’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.  So like all safety issues, clothing needs to be taken into account also when going fishing.

Richie Ryan took father and son team Noel and TJ O’Sullivan out and both caught their first Bass.  Not so lucky was The Hook Bass Festival in Wexford.  The Bass were not obliging and the anglers had to contend with some friendly seals and a sea otter.  But the craic was mighty and most anglers intend returning next year. Congratulations to Hook Tourism on an event well run.

The Murtagh Cup was held on Derravaragh Lake with JJ Flanagan winning first prize with an impressive  pike of 20lbs 4oz in weight.  It put up one hell of a fight before being caught.  On a gentler note Richie Johnston had musician Kelly Clakeson’s sister and boyfriend out fishing in the midlands.  Both Americans were delighted with their respective pike and vow to return again.

Cashel Fisheries threw up beauties of another sort, some good rainbow trout for Shane Irwin, Pat Campbell , Martin Bradley and John Hasson. Brown sedges and olive damsels were the bait.

On that note, I remind you all, safe fishing is good fishing.


Tight lines especially in Ireland,

Nancy Hearne

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