Bill Demery contacted us with this report of his recent angling trip.

“If anyone knows what I am talking about the ‘Festival of the Fires’ was on in Westmeath on Saturday 5th May.

So when we left the following morning we decided to explore the area we were going to fly fish on one of the lakes but we didn’t have a boat with us so we decided to fish for perch, pike, or anything else that would take a spinner.

Bill Demery with one of 4 perch

Between the N4 and lough Iron we had a quick session of fishing with four small perch on a small spinner, we were expecting a jack pike to take after a fairly successful trip there last month with 6 pike sizing about 1 3/4 lb, but nothing this time.

As we got to where the Inny flows into lough Iron we saw lots of rises, we cast over them several times without a bite so they were probably roach or rudd, then just as we started to pack up there was a huge splash!, this was no simple rise and it was right at the weed bank, just the spot for a pike! we had an appropriate lure for a large pike but we couldn’t get at her because it was behind a big clump of reeds sticking out of the water (and she was probably full by then anyway!)

but that doesn’t mean it didn’t move so I will hopefully go for it sometime next week.”
Bill Demery