James Norton was fishing the Virginia area  the week before Christmas for pike. The weather was fairly wet, so the lake was murky and he was not expecting much. However, over the years he’s found that the famous Allcock copper spoon on rainy, murky days can sometimes make the difference between a blank day or a red letter day.

James and the one eyed pike

After 1 hour he had two jacks and the final hour provided this lovely pike of 15 pounds. The size of the fish was not what made the catch something of note. What was noteworthy was that this pike managed to spot or sense the copper spoon in deep, murky water with only one eye.  The pike was carefully returned after a couple of photos.  The fact that she took the copper spoon in the same area James had a deadbait rod out  just goes to show that even in winter, old school lure fishing can beat bite alarms and mackerel baits..