From his blog at ghillie Vincent Appleby reports on fishing trends from Lough Currane.

7/8/12 Straight to the Salmon Department a guest fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy caught a fine Grilse on the fly, will give clients name later or you could say bad reporting on my part or lack of information from the Master Fly Fisherman. Now to the Sea trout Fishermen, Mr. Andrew Brown, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley, caught 2 Sea Trout in the Junior class, all on the fly.

8/8/12 All the Salmon headlines on Lough Currane, go to Mr. Gavin Caldwell, who caught a fine 9lbs Salmon on the troll, fishing with his gillie Mr. Bob Priestley, now we head up stream Lough Cloonaghlin, Mr. James Gormley, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea and @ [email protected] caught a fine 2lbs Sea Trout and caught a number of Brown Trout.

9/8/12 Lough Currane was on the quiet side except for the odd Junior being caught.

10/8/12 Lough Currane two day, fly-fishing Championship got underway and I can tell you it was hard out there with very little action, but I will leave all the facts until tomorrow when my Noble Angler will Crowned, so let the battle commence, else where there was just the odd Junior caught. Wind SE light too fresh with bright sunshine all day and very warm.

Fly fishing Champ Mr. Jim Sayers
Fly fishing Champ Mr. Jim Sayers

11/8/12 Waterville Fly-fishing Championship was won by Mr Jim Sayers of Waterville, elsewhere on the Lake just the odd junior caught.

12/8/12 Just the odd Junior caught and there was heavy rain this evening and made a bit of a flood.

13/8/12 On Lough Currane Mr. Mackintosh of Scotland fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea and @ [email protected] caught one Junior on the fly, on the evening Shift in the Sea Trout department, one boat caught and released 14 juniors and a few Brown Trout and also another Angler caught 4 Sea Trout ranging from Juniors up to 2 ¾ lbs all caught on the drift and both boats fishing out of Coffees Bay, now we head down stream too the Famous Butler Pool and @ Mr. Derek Batchelor of the UK, caught a fine Salmon this evening while his Gillie was having his Dinner at home, all I can say his Gillie ought to be ashamed of himself and for more information on this Gillie go to Now we go up to the River Inny, Mr. Ivor O’Connor caught a fine 6lbs Grilse on the fly and he also lost one.

That is your ration for this week, from your Gillie/Guide and the Waterville fishery.

No Spin No Fly’s just facts.

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