D. Mc Evoy of Delphi Lodge reports that the salmon have become a little more co-operative with 11 fish landed since the 15th. On the other hand, the sea trout have been proving difficult to tempt of late. Edward Westropp got last week off to a quick start with a fish off Doolough on Sunday morning of approximately 2.5 lb., taken on a Willie Gunn.

Jack Browne, Co. Dublin, made it onto the record sheet again, with three fish landed. His first was on Sunday afternoon off Finlough, an 8 lb. 12 oz. salmon taken on a Delphi Collie. His second was taken on Tuesday off Finlough weighing 4 lb. 3 oz, on a Silver Stoat, finally his third on Friday, again off Finlough was 5 lb. 10 oz, again falling to the Delphi Collie.

Paul Sims landed two fish, both from Finlough and both taken on the Willie Gunn. They weighed in at 3 lb 11.5 oz and 4 lbs 1oz respectively.

Messrs Corps and Shortt did rather well on Sunday past with five fish off the Turn pool. Mark Corps had four, one of 5 lb.10 oz on a weighted Prawn fly, one of 5.5 lb. again on the Prawn fly, one of 9 lb. on a Tara and finally the fourth also of 5.5 lb. on a Prawn fly.

Mike Shortt had one of 9 lb.1 oz from the Turn Pool on a beaded nymph, which turned out to be a milestone catch, as he recorded his 100th salmon at Delphi, joining the elite group that now numbers thirteen members. Congratulations to Mike on his achievement.

Sea trout fishing has been somewhat disappointing, with only 20 landed since the 15th of September.