13/03 It’s been a very good seven days and we have had 3 cracking fish since my last update on Sunday, despite water conditions becoming relatively low.

Keith Pilkington had a 9lb 8oz fish off the Rock Pool yesterday morning. The fish was taken on a Green and Black tube at 9.20am. It was netted by Keith’s long time fishing partner Peter Morrison who did according to Keith attempt to knock the fish off a couple of times but failed to do so and landed the fish safely.

Laurence Lock with a 12lb 9oz salmon taken in the Rock Pool with the river at 20 on a Mediator
Laurence Lock with a 12lb 9oz salmon taken in the Rock Pool with the river at 20 on a Mediator

This morning Laurence Lock landed a beautiful 12lb 9oz fish as seen in photo. It was taken in the Rock Pool with the river at 20. The fly was once again a Mediator. Laurence has now landed 3 fish in 4 days which is pretty impressive at this stage of the season.

This afternoon Stewart Woodhead landed a 10lb 8oz fish from the Rock Pool again, 10 minutes after he started to fish on a Dundee United.

Other fish

The other fish were 1 on Friday, 3 Saturday and 1 on Sunday morning. Friday’s fish was caught by Liam Dunne off Finlough in the stream and weighed in at 10lbs and .5 of an ounce. It also took a Willie Gunn. His fishing partner Paul Smyth had lost one on the river in the morning.

Laurence Lock is back and managed to hook and land a fish within 10 minutes of starting in the stream on Finlough. The fish weighed in at 8lbs2ozs and was taken on a Mediator.

Brian O’Donohue who started on the river on Saturday morning landed 2 fish from the Whin pool, in 30 minutes. The first weighed in at 6lb 5oz and the second was approximately 10lb. Both fish were surprisingly taken on a Willie Gunn!

Laurence Lock had the first salmon off Dooloughon Sunday. The fish weighed about 7lbs. This was taken on a Blair Spoon in Weedy Bay.

The river is still at 20 and hopefully we will get a top up in the next few days. There is still some availability up till and including Friday.

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