Slaney River Trust Report for week ending July 29th

Heavy rain left the river very peat stained mid week  but it had cleared and fallen to 1ft 3 inches by Saturday. Inevitably the run is slowing down markedly at this stage but I can confirm from personal  experience that sea liced fish were still being caught on Saturday. Fresh running fish were seen well upstream as the flood cleared down. There were fresh fish met on a number of beats although there was no repeat of multiple fish to one rod as per last week when one rod had 2 fish on consecutive casts and another, reputedly in his 8th decade, had 4 fish in a day.

Initial IFI report on Cormorants Published

IFI recently published a copy of its initial report on the cormorant situation on its website.  This is an early stage report with an extensive literature review. It should be of interest as one of the areas selected for study was the Slaney valley.

Slaney Features in Trout and Salmon

July 29th, 2012 August’s Trout and Salmon magazine has interesting article on the Slaney along with some great photographs.

Report compliments of Slaney River Trust.