Nigel Rush reports from Kylemore Abbey Fishery:

July 1st: We have just achieved our fiftieth fish of the season. A small fish of just 1.75lb from Tullywee Bridge Pool! For the fishery to have achieved the same feat last year, we had to wait until the 31st July. This is a clear indication of a strong grilse run and good spring run. It feels like we have had another four weeks added to our season. If this is the case then we should well clear last year’s total of 137 providing weather conditions remain conducive.
We have just finished June on a high with 43 salmon for the month. The average for June over the past ten years has been a mere 11 fish with the best year, 2002, 27 salmon and 2010 just one fish.
The average weight of the first fifty fish tallies in at 5.75 lb against 5.25lb last year which is clearly evident in the shape of the majority of the fish. Fine deep well fed specimens.
Sea Trout runs really only started a week ago and so far with all our anglers fishing the river, we have only managed to secure eight fish into our register. Last week last year we had 76 Sea Trout for the week, this year just two. This is reflected by the angling effort last year with boats out nearly every day and good Sea Trout anglers occupying the same.
As I mentioned above… we have an extra four weeks added to our season, let’s make the most of it.

Lunch pool Kylemore Fishery
Lunch pool Kylemore Fishery

July 3rd:  We can all relax… the Sea Trout have arrived in great numbers, great sizes and in good plump condition.

July 5th: Another cracking day yesterday. Five rod days five fish!
Sixteen year old Gabriel Coulter landed his first ever salmon of 4.5lb from the Lower River and Lee Bunting visiting from Belfast landed his first Kylemore fish for his first visit to Kylemore at 5lb. Lee landed a further fish similar in size later in the day. Richard Stephens started his Kylemore Account with another fish of 5lb from the Middle River.
Great numbers of Sea Trout entering so if we get the conditions right for the lakes……..

Kylemore Abbey Fishery

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