Angling on Carrowmore has been hampered severely of late with the unseasonal weather and strong winds. As a result, angling was possible only in the early part of last week. However, many anglers enjoyed good sport during the early calm period, with Mal Parrot, U.K., retaining a salmon of 7lbs and releasing a second. Ronan Murphy also returned one of 7lbs, while Toby Gibbons had one of 8lbs. Conn Cleary, Co. Limerick, had one of 8lbs as did Pat Doherty and John Cosgrove, who also released a second. Rory Harkin boated one of 6lbs with Tom Walsh landing one of 6.5lbs, Martin McDonnell and Martin Reuland also had one each.

Flies which proved successful over the past week included the Black Dabbler, Clan Chief, Green Peter, Hairy Mary and various Cascade patterns.