Jay La Roche from Wexford is a dab hand at fishing and a good man to tell a story!! He writes:

I got out today and headed up to a pier a couple of hours from where I live. I had heard there was whiting and herring going with a possibility of a dab.

I arrived at the mark and rigged up a new rig that I hadnt used before but had been shown by my mate David and he had been having some success with dab and other bottom living species anyway more about that another time.

So I fished on and began to get small taps with the lure and then when I retrieved the lure was gone so what began as a size 6 hook eventually ended up all the way down to size 14 and started to turn up some fish.

My first ever lure caught dab I was delighted this one had a small chunk out of its side. A coulpe of pics and back it went I recast and the lure had no sooner hit the bottom and I was in again.

Another dab happy days it continued like this for another while with another 8 or 9 small dabs all falling to the lure. The wind then picked up and I got pushed off the pier so I decided to try the inside of the harbour but surprisingly I didnt pick up one fish for the 2 hours or so fishing. The wind had died off and I decided to head back out to the pier again where the fishing was much better but by now the tide was really flowing hard out of the harbour. I decided to try for some more Dab and still continue my search for a whiting and or herring….

It wasnt long until I felt a small tap tap and sure enough another dab followed by another few fish all the dab were small.

I was really thrilled with the way the day went overall and to top it off I managed to sneak out a lone whiting.

Mission accomplished both my intended targets were caught although I cut it close with the whiting. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and to get 19 dab in total was just fantastic.

Compliments of:

Jay La Roche
Web: www.wexfordbass.blogspot.ie