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18/11/2012: Frank Flanagan, a Wexford based angler, loves his shore fishing and really puts the time in. With a range of angling venues close to his doorstep Frank can pick and choose his tides or grab a weather window, so giving himself a realistic chance of finding fish. Yes he is successful, having in recent years beached winter cod running close to if not over ten pounds and of course some prime bass. But those results were achieved by putting the time in, the hard yards as they say in rugby. This season has been no different, and like many of us Frank has struggled of late to find quality fish, however that all changed last night.

Wexford shore angler Frank with a brace of quality bass to peeler crab
Wexford shore angler Frank with a brace of quality bass to peeler crab

Choosing a rising tide with high water around 19.30 – 20.00 pm, the evening was cold with frost forecast and the sea calm but coloured. Baiting pulley rigs with peeler to 4/0 hooks Frank belted out his rigs. No sooner had they settled then the action began with decent bass running four – six pounds slamming into the baits. Beaching seven fish while retaining two for the pot Frank is living proof that fishing is all about being in the right place at the right time. I’d go a little further though and add dedication, commitment, and experience to the mix as well. Good man Frank, well done…….

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