Skipper Donal Kennedy reported on two recent trips out on Killala Bay on board the Leah.

On Saturday, 6th October a party of anglers from Co. Sligo left Killala Pier for a days fishing out in the bay. The weather was fine with light northerly winds and a slight north-westerly swell.

Conditions on the day were good for a slow steady drift and the anglers were pleased to boat some fine sized mackerel. It was not long until the first fine cod was caught, of approximately 7lbs in weight. Seven cod in total were caught during the day. Approximately 12 pollack were also caught, the best weighing around 8lbs. When the boat was moved out a little further in the bay some fine ling were also taken, up to 7lbs along with pouting and coalfish.

Happy anglers on board the Leah

Sunday the 7th October party of anglers from the east of the country, Dublin and Maynooth, set out from Killala on board the Leah. Conditions were excellent with light south east winds and no swell, one could have been forgiven for thinking that it was a mid summers day rather than October. To begin with, a few mackerel were caught although angling was generally slow with some small and pollack and pouting coming to the boat

The decision was made to move out further in the bay and immediately things started to improve, with fine mackerel were coming to the boat in large quantities.

It was not long until some fine pollack were caught, with the best weighing up to 9lbs. A couple of fine cod were also caught. As the boat moved with the drift, good numbers of ling were caught with approximately 16 landed, the best up to 13lbs. Other varieties caught included pouting, cuckoo wrasse, red gurnard and poor cod. The happy crew returned to Killala very pleased with their days fishing.

Some fine ling and pollack onboard the Leah