Gary Robinson at the connected with tope on a recent angling trip…

“After letting out a “Whoop” of delight I decided to head for shore. I would have loved to stay out for a little longer and capture a few more pictures but the wind was starting to pick up again and I figured that the best option for me was to quit while I was ahead. Job done! I had a smile on my face all the way back to shore and as I thought more about the encounter it dawned on me that catching the few tope on a kayak this year has possibly been the most fun I have ever had whilst holding a fishing rod. Once again I can safely say that I would wholeheartedly recommend kayak fishing to anybody. The freedom and enjoyment it can give is fantastic and it is a lot cheaper than buying and maintaining a boat. Having said that, nobody should be venturing out to sea in on a kayak, fishing or otherwise, without learning all the safety drills and carrying all the required safety equipment. No fishing experience or trip is worth trading a life for. Now, here’s hoping for a wind free summer this year……….but who knows what the Irish weather will throw at us this summer!”

Here’s a short youtube video of the entire fish

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