Hamish Currie, skipper of the Predator from Red Bay in Co. Antrim reports:

With a group over from Cornwall last week there was only one thing on their minds and that was of course porbeagle shark and once again they didn’t disappoint us with two nice female sharks taken.  Things are starting to slow up over there, as that was a long day for only 2 hookups.  So I fear that these magnificent creatures are about to vacate the building,  time will tell I suppose.  Both fish were taken using live coalfish and both fish are accompanied with some stunning video footage taken once again from our underwater cameras . Mackerel have now moved offshore and we are awaiting the arrival of the herring any week now so there will be predators following them in as usual.

Hamish Currie
Predator II
Red Bay Stormforce 9.1 Rib
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