Paul Harris reports from the Beara Peninsula

Brothers Marcus and Nick were over from the UK for an attack on the pollack and wrasse population of the Beara and both managed personal bests of both species.

Marcus set the ball rolling with a first day pollack of 9lbs 1oz spinning their favourite soft rubber lures. Nick was in action the next day with several big wrasse the best a near specimen of 4lbs 9ozs. During their week long stay Nick never had a wrasse under 3lb, all taken on crab.

Marcus Dean with his 9lb 1oz Pollack
Marcus Dean with his 9lb 1oz Pollack

The miserable weather conditions early in the week made for uncomfortable fishing conditions but strangely as the weather improved the fishing got harder. Despite this Marcus and Nick are planning a return visit later in the year to try for that elusive specimen wrasse and a double figure pollack.

Over for their first visit to the Beara Alan and Steve from Bournemouth also had their fair share of wrasse and pollack along with huss and conger off the bottom. The rays sadly were notable only by their absence and this could be down to the combination of cold freshwater entering the bay along with the low pressure systems.

Anyone looking for information on fishing on the Beara can contact Paul Harris at [email protected] or ring him on 00 353 27 60330.

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