Before the sun had risen and while the tide still was I headed out. Seven cars in the car park and maybe I had over publicised the area?  A strange Marie Celeste moment came over me as I walked down to the beach, not a sole in sight and not a fresh footprint to be seen.  As on most of my visits I was alone.
As dawn broke the water took on the colour of the tea I didn’t have time to drink before I left home. Thick filthy weed clung to the shore for the first fifty yards making every cast pick up action killing debris and I admitted defeat before I began. The odd unexplainable patch of clear water kept me busy for the next few hours. I cannot complain of being totally fish-less as hooked the first victim to the tackle house feed shallow.

Sand eel
Little Sand eel

After impaling the tiny sandeel I swapped over to a softie but the drop in tide was making the hard conditions even tougher.
After a drive of around a mile I set out again and was instantly invigorated by what at first sight appeared to be a boil on the surface. This was short-lived  as a razorbill scooted out not far from the initial movement.  While the windless conditions made working surface lures an absolute pleasure it left me at the mercy of the midges,  a torture only suffer for the briefest of time.
No opening bass for me but then there is always tomorrow….
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