Pat, Paul and Declan onboard the Murdag : –
Have been very lucky with my 3 days off work as weather was brilliant for this time of year.
Thursday took 2 guys from work and two of their mates out fishing only one of them had ever fished before so a few hours of pin whiting, small pollock, a dozen macks and a load of dogs made them all very happy out at 10 and back at 15.30 happy boys.
Friday myself, Paul and Martin went out a caught about 70 macks to top up freezers, couple of codling and pollock worth keeping and a shed load of dogs and a few pin whiting and wrasse.
Today we decided to head out about 15 miles to a cod mark which I haven’t tried in a long time.

Pat with Spurdog
Pat with Spurdog

Stopped at mouth of harbour and got our fill of macks for bait very quickly with a few herring thrown in for good measure. Happy days bait and breakfast sorted at same time.  Got to the mark in about an hour through some fairly lumpy waves with wind against tide. Bait on and gear down in 160ft of water, we waited and waited but only grey gurnard and dogs made an appearance. I was watching the fishfinder and as the bottom started to drop off at the edge of the ledge we were fishing I got a fair old thump on the rod. Reeling in against a fair old resistance when suddenly ping fish gone. Reeled in to find braid had parted think I had same problem as rosscoe with not cutting off that last 20 ft or so before I started fishing. Ah well onwards and upwards better late than never cut off some braid and tied on new trace and back down.
Not long after another good thump this time great fight all the way up from the depths a fine spurdog which went 14lb 8ozs what a start, photo taken and away with him.
Paul with spurdog
Paul with spurdog

Declan with spurdog
Declan with spurdog

We had a hectic couple of hours with 6 fish to me, 5 to Paul and 8 to Declan most of these fish were over 12lb but I managed to catch 3 babies about 4 or 5 lbs.
It was hard to leave such good fishing but Declan needed to be home for 18.00 so headed back in just after 15.00. Trip back was much faster as water had settled down so we ended our day in Scotsmans bay with some pollock and wrasse.
No cod but at least I gained another very good spurdog mark and fishing 3 days on the trot at this time of year is a minor miracle
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Matthew Corrigan
Boat Angling Ireland