Get out the wellies, take out the rods and reels and hit the road.  At last we see an improvement in the weather.  The cold of the last few weeks left me wondering if I was an eskimo or Irish! Those easterly winds would break the spirit of even the most brave hearted.

Nonetheless braving the elements and catching the fish this week were the Dublin Angling Initiative who organised a fishing trip for 10 youngsters from the Mulhuddart Foroige Fishing club (Dublin 15). The destination was Lough Ramor, Virginia and the intended target was pike.  Under the skilful eyes of IFI’s Des Chew and Josie Mahon the group were guided and encouraged to listen and learn.  A man with a good eye and ear was 16 year old Eric Cahill.  This lad has an instinct for fishing.  While waiting for a pike to take his smelt deadbait, Eric felt a thug indicating a take.  He carefully manoeuvred his catch into the boat, not for one minute imagining what awaited him – the fish of a lifetime.   A fine trout weighing in at over 12lb and measuring over 80cm.  If this fish is ratified by the Specimen Fish Committee it will also be the first specimen recorded from Lough Ramor. Eric wins our “Catch of the Week” this week and we hope he goes on to win many more.

Des Chew and 16 year old Eric Cahill pose with the 12lb trout before releasing it back to the lake. Eric is our "Catch of the Week" winner. Well done, a fine fish.
Des Chew and 16 year old Eric Cahill pose with the 12lb trout before releasing it back to the lake. Eric is our "Catch of the Week" winner. Well done, a fine fish.

The Artic Easter kept a lot of anglers away from Lough Sheelin.  Paul Lunny from Ballyconnell in Cavan wasn’t one of them though, as he caught a 4½lb trout (19½ inches in length).  This trout put up one hell of a battle causing Paul to get his net tangled in the engine while trying to reverse towards the fish. The engine stalled, the net was destroyed, and poor Paul had to beach the boat on Chamber’s shoreline in order to land the fish.  The fish was later released back into the water and it will take an angler with his wits about him to catch this one again!

Fly Fishing Ireland guides Mark and Alan Houlihan plus William Kavanagh have had a very productive time over the last couple of weeks at Inniscarra Lake.  Over 100 fish have been caught.  Mark tells us that the Pike seem to be still on the feed close to their spawning areas.  Most of the Pike have been taken on flies stripped at speed tied in a variety of aggressive colours.

With the low water temperatures Delphi finds the fish extremely hard to seduce although Yvonne Zirngibl managed to land a beautiful 6lbs2ozs sea liced fish from the Whin pool.  The river Drowes fared better with one or two good salmon being caught each day.  The largest of these was a 12lb salmon caught on a Tunny Boy fly from The Grazings by Denis O’Toole on March 27th and Aaron Watton landed an 11lb salmon caught on a spinner from Lennox’s Bridge on the last day of the Month.

Carton House tells us that the Rainbows are starting to feed hard now.  Several flies are working well at present, with the orange fritz or pink fritz being among the best.  Tinnehinch Fly Fishery in Enniskerry has been a victim of the weather but Hugh Duff welcomes April and the change in the weather as do all of us.  So I guess there’s only one thing to do – shake off that Artic Easter we’ve been through and give April a big welcome. 🙂

Tight lines,
Nancy Hearne
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Lough Sheelin trout
Lough Sheelin trout