Newgrange Active Angling had a family out pike fishing on Monday with a nice result. Angling Coach Brendan O’Reilly was with the group and he set up a rod for Joseph (6) cast out and went to set up the second rod. Before the second rod was set up, Joseph had a fish on, a nice clean fish of 1-15oz.  Brendan then set gear up for Ella (10), Aoibhe (14) and Dad Ricky. Brendan had them all fishing and soon they were catching as well, 1 fish to Joseph, then Ella’s rod bent into a fish of 1-06oz. Fishing went quite so the group had some grub. There were a couple of shower’s in the afternoon and Joseph had another fish only this one was a better fish and at times Brendan didn’t know if Joseph had the fish or the fish had Joseph. But Joseph had the fish on the bank after a hard fight and it was a very nice fish of 5-10oz. A couple of fish lost to Ricky and Ella, then Aoibhe brought her smelt across the top of the water and the lake boiled, then the float disappeared and Aoibhe’s rod bent and she was in a fish. Aoibhe held the rod up and let the tackle do the work and on the bank was a 9lb fish. Ricky and the gang had a great day out pike fishing with Newgrange Active Angling.

Family Fun With Brendan O'Reilly of Newgrange Active Angling
Fishing Success With Newgrange Active Angling