Richie Johnston of Guide Fishing Ireland will be organising a number of guided Pike fishing weekends in October, November and December 2013. Places are limited so book your place NOW! Dates open for booking are as follows: 

  • Oct 26th/27th (2 spaces left)
  • Nov 23rd/24th.

Richie will take small groups to the West of Ireland to fish Lough Mask and Lough Corrib which are both famous for their large Pike. Richie has been fishing these waters for many years and has been tremendously successful with many of his 20 pounders coming from these waters.

The weekends will be limited to 4 anglers, fishing from 2 boats. Most of the fishing will be with lures, but we also expect to get some dead baiting and fly fishing in also.

The weekends will include 2 x nights B & B in a 3-star hotel only minutes from either lough, 2 x full days guiding, boats and engines both days and packed lunches. The cost for this is a very reasonable €280.00 per person. Equipment is also available for those who need it.

Anyone interested in coming on these trips can contact Richie at [email protected] or 087 1939145

Richie Johnston - Richie with pike

Guidelines for handling pike


Download: Pike Handling and Conservation [.pdf 850 KB]

When landed, the fish should be laid flat preferably on a protective mat and the hooks removed with a suitable tool such as long handled artery forceps or a long nosed pliers. Anglers may find it useful to wear protective gloves. Sometimes it can be easier to release the hooks by working very carefully through the gill covers.

The use of pike sacks can be used for the short time retention of fish enabling them to recover prior to weighing or photography. When weighing and photographing fish, the pike should be cradled and supported properly to avoid injuring the fish. A pike sized weigh sling should always be used if the fish is be weighed.

When being released, the pike should be held carefully in the water to promote recovery until it is ready to swim away. At all times, the pike should be returned to the water in the shortest possible time.