Lindsey Clarke reports from Lough Melvin – Monday 18th to Sunday 31st March 2013, (2 weeks).

Similarly to the Drowes, conditions were very wintery on Melvin and there was no great angling effort. It seems that no rods ventured out after trout at all and given the arctic conditions and lack of fly hatches, this is unsurprising! There were a number of salmon recorded over the fortnight with most of these being caught in the Garrison waters where most of the angling effort was. On the 18th Ernie Lowden recorded a 10lb 4oz salmon caught trolling along the Planting Shore. On the 20th, John Parkinson logged a 9lb salmon caught trolling from the Rossinver Fishery. On the 25th, local Garrison tackle dealer Sean Maguire accounted for an 8lb salmon trolling along the Garrison Shore. On the 28th, Brian McEvoy registered an 8½lb salmon caught trolling on the Garrison Shore and the 30th, Stanley McMullin recorded an 8lb 8oz salmon also caught trolling along the Garrison Shore. The forecast is for temperatures to rise somewhat towards the weekend which should help the fishing all round.

Lindsey Clarke
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