David McEvoy enjoys a sunny Delphi and reports:

01/05/2013: Since my last update we landed another nine fish, to bring our total for the month of May to 93. This is actually the third best May, since 1986.

We actually had two more fish last Tuesday, both off Doolough. Jean Luc Chereau had his first ever, weighing in at 9lbs5ozs taken at Paddy’s Point. Jack Meredith had his second of the day, weighing in at approx. 10lbs from Fisherman’s Rock.

Paul Wymes was on the catch sheet again on the 29th with two fish, one of 6lbs14ozs from Finlough on an Arabelle shrimp and the second from the Rock pool of 8lbs4ozs on a Sunrae Shadow.

We had three fish on the 30th, with Michael O’Sullivan landing his first ever salmon, weighing in at 3lbs12ozs taken on a Delphi Collie from Finlough. Jean Luc Chereau had another off Doo weighing in at 7lbs7ozs. Finally Eric Zijdendos also had his first ever from the Gorge weighing in at 4lbs9ozs on a Delphi Collie.

John Wall
John Wall
Jean Luc Chereau 1st ever
Jean Luc Chereau 1st ever

Finally yesterday we had two off Finlough, with Bertrand Fenart landing one of 7lbs14ozs on a Delphi Collie and John Wall landing one of 8lbs11ozs on a Red Francis.

That brought the total for the week to date to 22, with grand total for the month of May at 93.

Hopefully with a glimpse of summer on the horizon, the increased temperatures will make the fish on Fin start to show and move to the fly in greater numbers.

02/05/2013: The 1st of June 2013 is certainly a day that Paul Wymes will remember for a while as he succeeded in smashing his previous best of 15lbs11ozs, which he also set here earlier this year when he landed a beautiful 17lbs12oz fish in Salmon City on Finlough. The fish took a size 12 Foxford shrimp was in about a week and only measured 87.5cms, which is quite short for a fish that weight.

Paul Wymes
Paul Wymes

It took Paul about half an hour to land it and I’m sure that he was given great advice from his father, Michael who was also fishing and of course John Sommerville who finally netted the fish. For those of you who know Paul, I think it goes without saying that when it comes to playing fish he doesn’t need much advice, as he’s had a few here and there.

When I arrived on the scene after the fish was landed Michael was on cloud 9, John was in shock and Paul was, as usual coolness personified. All I can say is “well done to all involved.”

And by the way Paul did manage to land another fish last night of 12lbs2ozs, again on Finlough on an Arabelle shrimp.

Having said all that we should not forget John Moore who managed to land a fish of approx. 11lbs off Doolough on a Munroe Killer.

That makes a total for Saturday 1st of June of 3 fish weighing in at 41lbs; not bad at all. Hopefully this trend will continue, although today was a difficult fishing day and hopefully we will land one before close of play.

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