Monday the 8th June produced eight fish at Ballisodare, three of which were released. A fine fish of 15lbs was taken on the fly by Tom Corcoran. Other fish caught were in the range of 3lbs to 6lbs. Among the other anglers to score were Thomas O’Donovan, Noel Rooney, D. Norwood, Isabella Norwood. The following day 14 salmon were caught, seven of those released. Fish ranged in size from of 3lbs to 6lbs, most of which were caught on the prawn. Successful anglers were Stephanie Cassols, Dermot Glennon, T. McKeon, A. McKeon, Michael Wymes, Vincent Henry and John Connolly.

Anglers faired much better on Wednesday when 25 fish were landed, 12 of which were released. Anglers who enjoyed success were Pat Forkan, S. Brogan, Eamonn Ruddy, Pat O’Sullivan, Kevin Reynolds, Paul Colreavy, Peter Henry, Eugene Farrell, O. Farrell, John Connolly, Denis Crawley, F. Kerins, Dermot Glennon, John Murray, James Cuffe and Michael O’Kane. All fish were in the range of 3lbs to 8lbs with the majority caught on fly and prawn.

Thursday produced 30 salmon, again ranging from 3lbs to 6lbs with the fly and prawn proving the most successful methods. James Kennedy, Michael Wymes, Bernard Keegan, K. Scelley, M. Filgerton, B. Cullen, P. Scallan, Frank Adams, Stephen Moore, John Connolly, Paul Colreavy, Paddy Marron, Dermot Glennon and Thomas O’Donovan were among the successful anglers on the day. A similar day was had on Friday, when 32 were landed, again mostly on fly and prawn, with the average size being 5-6lbs.

Saturday was another good day at Ballisodare for anglers, with 27 salmon caught. A few of these were taken on the worm but the majority again fell to the fly and the prawn. Fish averaged 5lbs in weight with a few smaller also recorded. Sunday produced a similar amount of fish to Saturday, with 30 recorded. The average size of fish was 4-5lbs, Anthony McCann however, did manage to land a fine 12lbs springer on the fly.