Fishery manager Jim Stafford reported on fishing for the last 10 days of May. Water levels on the river were recorded at 0.7 metres on the Aasleagh Gauge on the 20th of the month.  Jeremy Graham caught a fish of 9lbs on a Wee Marie hair wing on the 21st in the Coronation Pool on Beat 8. With heavy rain, levels increased to 1.5 metres on the 23rd and 24th.   It was success for Eddie Lee and Chris Pearson, both from the UK, and fishing the Erriff for the first time.  Fishing a Stoat’s Tail in the Coronation Pool on Beat 8, Eddie caught and released a grilse estimated at 5.5lbs.  Chris Pearson caught a fish of 8lbs on a General Practitioner  in Altamont’s Dam on Beat 6.   Niall Wickham, Drogheda ,Co. Louth caught one of 10lbs on a Gold Munro in the White Rock Run on Beat 7.  The last fish of the month, a 10-pounder, was caught by the Fishery Manager in the Falls Pool on a Gold Cascade on the 28th.   At the time of writing the report water levels have fallen with fresh fish showing on the high tides waiting for rain to run the river.