Fishery manager Jim Stafford reports that there was little activity on the river for the first week in May.  However fishing improved during the week commencing the 7th of the month.  With water levels at 1.2 meters on the Aasleagh gauge Richard Kelly, Dublin landed a fish of a lifetime, a magnificently conditioned fish of 16lbs.  The fish was caught in the Garden Pool on a Collie Dog.  The same day Alan Colles caught a fish of 13lbs on a Curry Red Shrimp in the Coronation Pool on Beat 8.

The river was unfishable for the next 2 days with levels recorded at 2.2 and 2.6 metres respectively.

Levels dropped to 1.6 metres on the morning of the 10th.  Kevin Attride, home on holidays from the Netherlands, caught a fish of 9.75lbs at Altamont’s Dam on Beat 6.

The Garden Pool produced another cracking fish for Martin Byrne, Skerries, Co. Dublin – the fish weighed 14lbs and was caught on a Willie Gunn.  Local angler Peter Coyne caught another cracking fish of 12.75lbs on an Ally Shrimp in the Holly Pool on Beat 8.  Urgan Scheel, Germany caught one of 10lbs on a Collie Dog.


Martin Byrne from Skerries, Co. Dublin, with a fine 14lbs salmon taken on the Erriff
Martin Byrne from Skerries, Co. Dublin, with a fine 14lbs salmon taken on the Erriff


Water levels were recorded at 1.4 meters on the morning of the 12th.  Philip Clesham, fishing with a Thunder & Lightening landed a fish of 6.5lbs in the Holly Pool – this was followed by another one of 5.25lbs which was taken on a Cascade in the Coronation Pool – both fish were sea-liced.   The same day Hugh McGuire caught one of 11lbs in Humps & Hollows on Beat 6 on a Kylemore Killer.

This has been the best Spring fishing on the river for many years with a few more fish hooked and lost – we look forward to good runs of fish throughout the season.

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