Lindsey Clarke reports from Lough Melvin – Tuesday 11th to Sunday 15th February 2013.

The weather was not particularly conducive to angling on the Lough with some stiff winds at times! A small number of boats ventured out during the calmer spells mainly over the weekend when the air temperatures were much higher. Despite the light angling effort the first Lough Melvin salmon of the 2013 season was caught on Sunday. The honours went to Niall Sweeney from Blaney, Co. Fermanagh (who also recorded the first salmon last year too!). The fish weighed 8lb and was caught along the Garrison shore trolling a Yellow Belly Devon Minnow. Given that the run of spring fish is increasing I would expect a number of salmon to be recorded in the coming weeks (given a sufficient angling effort) and certainly there will already be a good few spring fish lying in the lough.

Lindsey Clarke
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