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25/09/2013: The water was extremely low with very little flow so I had to do a slow figure of eight retrieve to keep the fly moving, the salmon took very gently and on realising that it had been hooked shot past me heading upstream. I had been using an 8lb flurocarbon tippet due to the low water so I had to be very careful when playing the salmon as it made some very explosive lunges and could have easily  broken the line. Playing the fish out for a few minutes I beached it on a gravel bar and quickly unhooked my size 15 Ahilles shrimp fly and then released the salmon back into the river. This will probably be my last salmon session of the 2013 season but you never know I might get a shot at the Blackwater for the season extension where it will be single barbless fly only catch and release until October 12th. The season itself wasn’t bad but we could have done with a bit more rain, there are many salmon in the estuary waiting to run and I bet that we will get that rain as soon as the season is closed.

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