Owenea Fishery report from Lindsey Clarke…

Last week was wetter and we received some nice water levels over the week. Monday & Tuesday saw average water levels but we had a nice flood (0.30 metres) on Wednesday. The river slowly fell over the next two days but we had a small flood on Friday (0.24m). By Saturday the river had fell to 0.17m but on Sunday we had a big flood (0.50m) which was fairly coloured and meant many beats were unfishable. 35 visiting rods fished for the week. There were good numbers of salmon caught and given here are some of the catches. I am still awaiting details of catches from the weekend although there would have been little caught on Sunday.

On Monday, Otmar Butz recorded a 6lb grilse caught on a fly from beat 8. John Northridge reported a 6lb grilse caught on a fly from beat 5. Mick Kolbohm logged 3 grilse caught on a fly from beat 5. The fish weighed 2½, 3¼ & 6½lb with smaller and larger of these released and Beano accounted for a 4½lb grilse caught from beat 7 on a spinner.

On Wednesday, Sean Campbell recorded a 9lb salmon caught on a spinner from beat 6 and Mick Kolbohm logged a 4lb grilse caught and released on a fly from beat 5.

On Thursday, Sean Campbell recorded a grilse of 2½lb caught & released on a spinner from beat 6. Jim McLean logged a 5½lb grilse caught on a spinner from beat 8 and Columba Campbell registered a 4lb grilse caught on a worm from beat 6.

The forecast for the coming week is wet & windy so we should receive some good water levels hopefully.

Lindsey Clarke
IFI Ballyshannon

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