Lindsey Clarke reports from the RIVER DROWES – Monday 1st  April to Sunday 7th April 2013.

The dry cold weather continues and the river ran at very low levels all week once again. Some of the deeper pools hardly have a flow of water at this stage! Day time temperatures were better however in the strong sunshine but most evenings brought a ground frost. The gauge is only reading just over 0.4 metres but the water temperature has risen slightly to 6°C (still bloomin cold!). Angling attendance was not particularly high due to the low water but a number of rods did fish and there was 3 salmon recorded to date all from the lower half of the river and a number of fish hooked nut lost again on flies. On Wednesday, Jim McAlister recorded a 7lb salmon caught on prawn from the Washstones and Neil Seales logged an 8lb salmon caught from Lennox’s on a spinner. On Saturday, Marty King accounted for a 7lb salmon caught on prawn from the Trout Pool.

The week is forecast to bring much the same weather.  Air temperatures are meant to rise at the weekend however as the winds become southerlies and some rain is forecast, but how much, we will only know then.

Lindsey Clarke
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