The river ran at low levels all week but we received a good flood (0.49 metres) on Sunday at last. The gauge average for the week read 0.16 metres. The fishery was very quiet and we had no visiting rods until Saturday when 2 rods fished and Sunday when 8 visiting rods fished. Understandably there were no fish caught all week but on Sunday, ‘cometh the rain, cometh the fish’! There were some 25 salmon caught. These were mostly grilse and I am still awaiting details of some catches. Jim McLean recorded 8 salmon/grilse to 8lb caught on a spinner from beat 8 with 7 of these released. Paul Brennan accounted for 4 grilse caught on a spinner from beat 8 with 3 of these released and James Compston logged a 3¾lb grilse and a 2½lb sea trout caught on a fly from beat 9. There is some rain forecast for the coming week and hopefully this will translate to some good water levels.