Ah, St. Bridget’s Day. Go away howling winds and lashing rain and lord bring in the pot hole man. For Spring has sprung in Ireland, and the salmon — salmo salaris, “the leaper” –are making their epic moves again that none of us can comprehend. But soon the season is opening when you can try to catch them if you can.
Though their productivity varies from prolific to minimalist, the country is wreathed in salmon and sea trout rivers that are avenues to the hidden Ireland for even the most casual or beginning angler. Avenues to forgetfulness. Where begins discovery. The River Moy in County Mayo is the most famous and rightly so. At the Bridge Pool in Ballina you will see every day a conga line of casters rotating into position for a go at God’s display of leaping salmon right and left….
Forbes. 31/-1/2013.  Read the article ‘Spring has sprung in Ireland – St Bridget’s Day – and the Salmon beckon’