Jim Hendrick has been having some great sport with sea trout recently…

Sometimes transparency is obvious – never more so than in fishing. Seatrout fishing in the sea reveals many things.

sea trout
Sea trout and setters...
Designed and hand tied in Ireland... ...crossover bass / sea trout flies

In a recent blog post at his “other” site ThirtyYards the poetry and mystery of saltwater fly fishing is expressed in words and images of great beauty… http://jimhendrick.com/blog-2/

As well as experience, knowledge, skill and timing the right fly can help – and Jim as these in abundance…

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A bit more about the bass…

The Wolf of Wexford I

The Wolf of Wexford II

The Wolf of Wexford III

The Wolf of Wexford IV

Made over five days during the difficult season of 2013 with Holger, Holger and Markus. A nice experience working with down to earth capable anglers who seemed really to enjoy the opportunity to simply be out there and doing it.

For me I felt the pressure knowing what a difficult season it had been and hoping that the systems might perform just to show case a little of the Irish saltwater sport fishing perspective and potential.