Following the long month of zero bass fishing anglers everywhere were chomping at the bit as the bass season reopened yesterday. It was Father’s Day by coincidence, so no doubt many were caught up in family activities and the particularly foul weather across most of Cork and elsewhere would have made fishing futile in any case. But at least one angler got lucky yesterday…

Jim's first bass after the closed season
Jim's first bass after the closed season

Jim Hendrick had a nice day yesterday with William and Niall – a good start to the season of 2013 too. Under difficult conditions and weather warnings – normal conditions resumed!

Not only that but Jim was so taken with the day and the weather he took to quoting James Joyce which was entirely appropriate given that yesterday was also Bloomsday…

But the question remains who else got bass fishing yesterday? How did you get on?

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A bit more about the bass…

The Wolf of Wexford I

The Wolf of Wexford II

The Wolf of Wexford III

The Wolf of Wexford IV

Made over five days during the difficult season of 2013 with Holger, Holger and Markus. A nice experience working with down to earth capable anglers who seemed really to enjoy the opportunity to simply be out there and doing it.

For me I felt the pressure knowing what a difficult season it had been and hoping that the systems might perform just to show case a little of the Irish saltwater sport fishing perspective and potential.