Matt Corrigan and son Kian enjoy the fishing around Donegal with Matt reporting:

Despite all efforts, it was impossible for me to get to Dunaff for the meet :thumbdown: but as 2nd prize there was the chance to launch the rubber duck in Greenore for the 1st time. Brought the young lad along to help out/ get in the way ::razz::
Headed off bright and early , with a couple of frozen mack and a box of rag. Slip in fine condition on arrival and I thought this will be grand for launching. yet despite all my efforts I could not get the Honwave off the trailer , for love nor money – until Kian informed me the strap was still on it :blush:
Anyway eventually away we went, found our mark and anchored up. fired out the tope rod with a frozen bait when Kian announced he had a fish on and up pops 3 macks :rock: I dipped my mack rod in and sure enough another 2 , but that was it , for then. Quick change from frozen to fresh done the trick, as a short while later the wee avet screamed into life. Tope on and nice fight took place before a Tope of 32lb crossed delicately into the boat, with a lot of care to keep teeth away from the tubes. Quick pic and off she went.

I'm keeping my eye on you...

Macks were not plentiful, probably about 2 dozen for the day, usually picking up 3/4 at a time, just enough to keep us going at the tope, as the crabs came out in unmerciful force once the tide started to flow and were devouring baits.

Matt Corrigan with tope
Matt Corrigan with tope

It was about an hour after the first tope that the reel screamed into life again – offered it to the younger generation, but he declined , so I had the pleasure of boating a nice 37lber this time :thumbup:

 Kian Corriagan
Kian Corriagan

Again it was about another hour later when Kians rod and reel seen some action – no denying him this time, he had enough watching and wanted in on the action. Lighter gear than I would normally use for tope, so he earned his first one the hard way, but soon, with a bit of hepl, there was a nice 33lb tope on board. Could not convince him to try hold it, so here is a picture of it alongside the boat, perfectly hooked in the scissors with the circle hook.

That was all the tope action, once the tide really began to push the crabs came out to play annihilated the baits, the macks disappeared altogether too :thumbdown: :thumbdown: The weather also became a tad uncomfortable, so we decided to move into the Lough and try for a few species before heading for the slipway.
Had just reached the mark, when a familiar Raider….aka Gally and Co appeared and relieved me of my remaining macks (had 3 filleted for the tea though ::wink:: )
The wee mark (Cheers Magnet) did the trick with coleys, pollack, ballans, codling and a wee goldshinny soon crossed the gunnels, with Kian a very happy camper as he added a number of first fish ever to his list.

Needless to say, it was not the same as pulling Porgies out of Dunaff, but good fun nonetheless. Thanks to Magnet for the help at the slipway, the place was crazy, with even a few sunbathers :shock: and as Donal said the macks are lovely fried in butter with a nice bag of chips :8):

Matt Corrigan

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