Jim Hendrick reports that a change in tactics brought an improvement in daytime bass catches during the recent bright sunshine…

Long time favourite fly colour of mine Lavender, when combined with pink and grey and a ‘secret ingredient’ blended by Brian is leading to success on these bright sunny days.

Lavender flies and fine flouro leaders saw daytime catches improve
Lavender flies and fine flouro leaders saw daytime catches improve

Shrinking the flatwing to mini size and tying it sparse almost to transparency then attaching a very fine leader of fluoro of <= 3kgs has pushed our daytime fly catches up and up.

Great fun watching other members of the shoal mob the fish which had taken the flies in crystal clear conditions.

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Made over five days during the difficult season of 2013 with Holger, Holger and Markus. A nice experience working with down to earth capable anglers who seemed really to enjoy the opportunity to simply be out there and doing it.

For me I felt the pressure knowing what a difficult season it had been and hoping that the systems might perform just to show case a little of the Irish saltwater sport fishing perspective and potential.