Guide Sean Jordan of Bass fishing Wexford takes a father and son team out for a fishing trip and makes young Hugo’s day when he catches his first bass.  Sean reports:

Dublin father and son Joe + Hugo took a day with me this week with the focus on Hugo meeting his first bass, it was not going to be easy with strong winds on the previous days  making a lot of marks resemble sea weed soup!!  We tried the third low water mark we visited, the loose weed we could overcome with weedless set-ups, but water clarity was poor enough, but dad Joe picked up a small Turbot on the soft-plastic, (no doubt a bit lost after the strong winds) anyway we gave it a couple of hours but no bass.

Father and Son work the sea
Father and Son work the sea

After lunch it was off to some more marks which in normal conditions come on form between half flood + high water, but three of the four marks were unfishable, I knew the fourth mark might have some chance of clearing near high water with the running tide, after a while the clarity did start to improve giving us some bit of hope, clarity got to about 80% I put up komomo II, hard lure on to Hugo’s rod and 30 minutes later a decent bass followed the lure right to our feet turning away after spotting us, with renewed hope Hugo was a bit more focused concentrating more on the twitching + pausing on the retrieve I had shown him earlier and right on the eleventh hour of the day Hugo’s lure got hit by a schoolie , after a brief scrap he was admiring his first bass, a quick photo and we watched it swim off, well done Hugo.

A very proud Hugo !
A very proud Hugo !

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