Some sound advice from Terry Jackson can be found in his latest article ‘Terry’s travels Winter Perching’.  Here he informs us “Unlike some coarse fish in UK and Irish waters, Perch will continue to feed through the bitter winter months, albeit a little slower than the spring-summer season. They are therefore, a viable target species if you are willing to brave the “cut you in two” easterlies and icy rain! Don’t worry about the cold though; the sight of a specimen Perch safely in the landing net will warm the hands of any angler that braves the elements!”
Terry eventually found large Perch last year but it took an enormous amount of patience and effort. Now he is on a mission to find a suitable dead-bait rod.
A wise man with experience he says “With water so cold at the minute, barely reaching 4 degrees, fish shoals will be less inclined to travel. With this in mind, I adopted the method of travelling light, continually searching the water, and moving every half hour or so in search of my target species. Finally my efforts were rewarded, with the adrenaline rush that comes with a lifting bite indicator and screaming alarm! Fish hooked, the Agility handled faultlessly, without removing the dogged and extremely pleasurable battle a large Perch is capable of.”

Winter Perch
Winter Perch

Terry Jackson.
Terry Jackson goes fishing.

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