Kevin Murphy of the Bellavista Hotel in Cobh and Jim Clohessy report on some excellent shark fishing at the moment…
It is not just the Dutch and German customers that are keen to tackle our blue sharks. Last weekend we had a party of Dublin based anglers that arrived to have some general fishing and also a day at the shark, all done from our self-drive fleet. They were lucky with the conditions and although they did not travel to our normal area they still managed a respectable tally of decent sharks.

shark fishing
Des tests out a new TF GEAR Banshee Tri- tip boat rod – this one is the 20lb tip section and it is well capable!

There is no doubt but we have had a superb year of shark fishing. Customers from all over Europe as well as all round the country have sampled the excellent Blue shark fishing off Cork this year. The question remains though how long will the blues hang around for. We think we will be fishing for them well into November.
After one of the best fights we have seen Anto got to grips with this stunning blue
After one of the best fights we have seen Anto got to grips with this stunning blue

Normally the problem with fishing so late was the hassle of catching enough mackerel for rubby dubby. This is no problem for Bellavista customers – Kevin has a ready supply of frozen rubby dubby available. The frozen dubby takes the pain out of shark fishing and the results from using “Murphy’s Mush” are superb. Many customers are experiencing double figure numbers on their shark safari.
You can take advantage of the weather windows and get some shark fishing before the winter closes in – Contact: Kevin Murphy 086-6029168,
A fab October shark for Des – Will we still be getting them in November? We think so!