A comprehensive survey of adult fish stocks in Lough Ree (Shannon Catchment) was carried out in late February/early March 2014. The preliminary results in relation to some of the findings and a comparison of these data with previous surveys for other Irish lakes have been prepared and can be downloaded in full here. This was the first such survey carried out on L. Ree so no comparison with a previous data set for this water is possible.

Download a copy of Preliminary Observations in Relation to
A Fish Stock Survey of Lough Ree in Spring, 2014.

The Lough Ree the survey involved the selection of 200 randomly selected locations for sampling. A train of survey nets was fished overnight at each of these locations. During the course of the survey all live brown trout taken in the nets (and in good condition) were
released back into lake, all live pike 70cm and greater in length (and in good condition) were released and all live cyprinids/perch 25cm and greater in length (and in good condition) were also released back into the lake. Prior to release all of these fish were measured and a proportion were scaled for subsequent growth and age analysis. A total of 76 pike released were also tagged with numbered floy tags. The purpose of this exercise was to carry out an adult pike standing crop estimate for the lake – returns will be obtained from a number of pike angling competitions to be held in April, 2014. A comparison of the number of tagged and untagged pike captured by anglers in these competitions will hopefully allow one to generate an estimate of the stock.

As an addendum to this survey a dredge sample was taken at each of the 200 netting sites to establish the distribution of both Zebra mussels and/ or Corbicula (Asian Clams) throughout this water body.

Download the full report here: Preliminary Observations in Relation to A Fish Stock Survey of Lough Ree in Spring, 2014 [.pdf, 660KB]