Guide Rob Love of Love Fishing Ireland reports:

It is said that you learn something new every day. You certainly have new trains of thought each day & one sprung to mind for me while guiding for a group of anglers last weekend.
While Jonathan (my good friend and co fishing guide) was looking after the majority of anglers fishing from the bank I took the 1st two anglers out on the boat for a spin down to the weir. My newly found friends were from Athens and despite the bitterly cold morning were full of smiles, friendliness and enthusiasm. In fact, I couldn’t get over how particularly decent these people were – warm handshakes and all that kind of thing, and over the next while I felt something of a connection with these men. As we travelled back up towards the boathouse discussing life and sorting out the world’s problems it struck me – these chaps were from an equally knackered country and I thought that perhaps that’s where the connection lay.
In fact I would go so far as to say that I feel there is something of a clique starting to materialise in Europe amongst the citizens of the beleaguered nations – a kind of affinity of these citizens – bringing us closer together. We could be known in Brussels and amongst powerbrokers, policy makers and bondholders as members of COCK (Countries Ostracised Completely Knackered). Given James May of Top Gear fame regularly uses the word on BBC I figure it’s not one on the naughty list.

Filip Van de Vliet with a nice pike from the Rye Lake
Filip Van de Vliet with a nice pike from the Rye Lake

The next two anglers to take a spin in the boat were from Belgium and again I had the pleasure of guiding for two really super guys, again there were smiles, fun and enthusiasm. Yet again I felt a common bond and had a thoroughly enjoyable time guiding for them – both were experienced anglers and returned a couple of nice fish during their brief jaunt down to the weir and back – a short youtube clip of one of the anglers catching & releasing a pike can be seen on my youtube channel Love Fishing Ireland or by following the link (See below)
On Monday morning while browsing through the ‘Times’ I read of strikes, large scale demonstrations and anti austerity mini riots in Belgium and found myself thinking of the warmness of my visiting Belgian anglers and of the above mentioned bond between us members of COCK and thought yep – there’s definitely something there!
Fishing pressure has been light on the Rye Lake over the last few weeks with only a few anglers braving the cold. Results have been mixed with fishing on some days quite good and others very quiet despite what appear to be ideal conditions. With mild weather forecast by met eireann and hopefully not the doomsday winter forecast predicted by some long range services I am reasonably confident that both fly and lure should work equally well over the next week or two.

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