Paul Bourke from reports that October pike fishing on Derg is hotting up as water temperatures are coming down…

Michael Kraemer from Germany had 7 good fish in one day all around the 90 cm mark.

Lough Derg Pike
Trolling and Jerkbaiting are yeilding best results just now
Lough Derg Pike
Paul gets one himself
Lough Derg Pike
Lough Derg Pike on a perch lure

Ben beernhart from Belgium had 16 good pike to 114cms for 2 days fishing with irishfishingtours guide Paul Bourke .

Trolling and jerkbaiting still the best way to target these hard fighting fish.

Still a few spaces left in October so book a trip with and come see for yourself,and dont forget hard frosty days in winter can really produce the big fish on Lough Derg too….
Tight Lines,
Paul Bourke

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