Ian Powell of the Blackwater Lodge reports:

Best Day’s Catch Ever Recorded at the Lodge for One Party – September 21, 2014

The three rod French party from Britanny comprising regular visitors Gerard Bonnet, Louis Cadiou & Florent Franckaert caught twenty-two fish to 12lb. yesterday from two of our beats on the upper river.

Eleven were caught in two hours in the morning on our topmost beat Ballygarrett and they then moved to Bridgetown where they caught another eleven between 16.00 and 18.00. Florent caught ten fish to 9lb., Gerard eight fish to 9lb. and Louis four to 12lb.

All the fish were taken on the prawn and every single one was released alive.

The previous best total for one party in one day dates back to June 9th., 1988, when three rods caught a total of 21 fish  for the day on spinner during a massive grilse run after a flood. Coincidentally, one of the party from that day is fishing here this week!


Louis Cadiou
Louis Cadiou

Picture is Louis Cadiou with the best fish of the day – a comparatively clean 12lb.

This achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider  that the river is approaching it’s lowest recorded level.  The last even moderate flood we had was on June 10th.,  when the level rose to a mere 1.04 metres.


The 3 rod Bonnet party caught seven fish on Monday on the upper river including two 12 pounders & a 13 pounder.
All were taken on the prawn & all were released alive.

On Tuesday 23/09 four more fish were caught on prawn from the upper river including three of 4, 10 & 13lb. for the same French party and an 8 pounder for Dan O’Keeffe (Cork).

Fishing is fully booked for the latter part of the week,  but reasonable from the 27th. to the 30th.
There is plenty of availability for the Fly only C&R extension to October 12th.

Ian Powell
Blackwater Lodge

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