Guide Sean Jordan finishes on a high as the full moon tidal cycle aids the fishing.  Sean is consistent throughout the year which is a sign of a good guide.  If there are fish to be had, Sean can suss them out.  Read his report:

The full moon tidal cycle towards the end of last week seen some good sport as decent conditions combined for a few days during that cycle, with the sea temp hovering around 13c bass were going to be still very active, over 5 sessions bass were met on every one, the best session was 14 fish for 2 anglers.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe better sessions coincided with mild conditions prior, and during fishing, in comparison to slower fishing during fresh NW winds cooling the shallower marks.  A long walk to a sandy beach mark seen a lot of sprat washed up along the HW mark, the paw tracks of a fox followed them along the beach, as it enjoyed it’s snack of “gritty sushi”  shortly after HW.  On other marks sandeels of all sizes are still abundant, and I still see them daily.         Back to the fishing, we met bass all through the water column’s, top, mid, + bottom,  surface lures, ie sammy’s, spook’s, and  the Sebile “splasher” (which I’ve grown very fond of) all got smashed with gusto…

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERASub-surface too, the low angle of the winter sun highlighted our lure’s in almost 3D detail as they done their job, soft,+ hard lures all caught, as did one of my favorite late season hard lures the  illex “water monitor”.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERABucktails,(more on them another time) which I’ve been experimenting with this season, found decent numbers of bass that were “lieing” deep in strong flows on the same days, on different marks.

It’s always good to finish on a high, whether you do or not is another thing of course, but the last few sessions typified my 2014 season, conditions = fish.      It was a definite high to finish the season in winter sunshine with a fish like this…..

The smile says it all…

They will be my last salt session’s of 2014, the last hurrah if you like, in a challenging year, in challenging conditions, to say the least…..

Sean Jordan

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