DINGLE BAY SEA ANGLING EXPERIENCE 2014 are organising an Angling Competition to launch Dingle Bay Fishing Adventures.
27th & 28th of June 2014 as part of the Dingle Maritime Festival.
The competition will commence each day at 7:00 with cast off at 7.30 am and return to port at approximately 16:00.
No of Competitors
The competition will involve 10 Boats with 8 anglers in each boat.
Boats will fish half day on drift and half day at anchor, fishing will be conducted within designated boxes from the mouth of Dingle harbour to Slea Head and up to a distance of 5 miles from the Coast.
Points will be awarded to species landed. Boat skippers will be judges in all matters arising. Boats will return to port by mid afternoon to allow Anglers to partake in the Dingle Maritime festival.
Cost of entry
*Price Euro 175, for 2 days fishing,  Booking deposit Euro 75


Enjoy yourself in this mecca of angling

Please take plenty of angling photos & record any unusual fish

Help thy neighbour and be safe!

For more information please see website: http://dinglebayfishing.com/competition/