Brian Conniffe reports from the Shannon area:

Sean Tallon has recently moved to the midlands with work. He is new to the Shannon so I lent him a little local knowledge and in turn he lent me his skills & knowledge on feeder fishing.

Sean’s natural method is feeder fishing and grew up fishing the large lakes of muckno, Ramor etc.

Sean Tallon with a nice brace
Sean Tallon with a nice brace

Sean had a good catch of hybrids and bream yesterday with a good roach of Circa 2lb. He struggled for the first few hours with pike. Once the big boys moved in he landed fish of 1lb+ each cast. Biggest being a bream of circa 4.5lb. Sean’s baits of choice were groundbait, caster and chopped wormed in his feeder mix. He alternated between maggot, corn and worm on the hook.
A day or two of pre baiting with flake maize was essential to his capture. A gentleman and a pleasure to fish with. Well done Sean. One of many hauls to come for him on the Shannon.

Brian Conniffe - Sean Tallon on Shannon 1

Brian Conniffe - Sean Tallon on Shannon 3