Brian McCall from reports that a change in tactics can save a blank…

Anthony Byrne made a dash for the lakes of  Monaghan to bag a pike. An experienced sea angler, Anthony has gotten very much into pike angling this last year especially during the winter, and fishing from a kayak has opened up a lot of waters and options to him.

He arrived very early and found he was not alone in an early start with a couple of guys gearing up a boat for a days R&R.  Not wanting to waste a minute he rigged two rods. One to troll a dead roach and the other to troll lures. He covered the whole lake twice on his trolling without much luck.

A change in tactics produced this pike with the first cast.


After a break and with a new plan in mind he was back at it. Figuring the fish weren’t hunting the deeper water he threw a lure into a reed bed and no sooner than it hit the water, he was into to a lovely conditioned fish. After a nice battle the fish was pictured and returned to the water.

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