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After a couple of weeks of not getting out fishing it was time to get afloat again in search of Esox. The weather for the past couple of days has been unseasonably mild and very calm.
After a slightly late start(due to a 4 year old) I loaded the boat and headed out. As the weather was so calm I decided to hit one of the larger lakes. It was a cracking morning with the temperature already 13-14 degrees.

I was going to fish deadbaits and lures for the day so after launching I flicked a deadbait out the back of the boat and cast out the front as I drifted along.

Florian Peter - Pike 1The first couple of hours were quiet with only a couple of Jacks on the deadbaits. Despite trying all the lures in my tackle box I could not get a bite on the lures so I stuck on a Fox inline Troller float. This is without doubt my favorite method of Pike Fishing. With this method you use a special float that keeps the bait down at whatever depth you want to fish. This is cast out behind the boat and you row slowly around the Lake. 50 yards on and I was into a slightly better fish, about 8 or 9Lb.

Florian Peter - Pike 2Over the next hour I picked off a few more fish on this method with the average size being slightly better than on the static deads 7-9Lb. With the fish seemingly more active I switched back to lures in the afternoon. It was a good call with 4 more pike in the first 10 casts with the biggest just going into low double figures. All on a 20cm Savage Gear line thru trout. The next fish was nearly pulled the rod out of my hands on the take. A spirited pike of 15Lb.

Things were getting better. Just after releasing that cracking pike the Float out the back of the boat bobbed and slid away. I quickly struck into another decent fish. This one really fought and went airborne a couple of times. The scales settled at 20Lb 8oz and I was delighted.

Florian Peter - Pike 3After that the weather started to change and it became overcast, up until then the sun had been shining. I had a couple more after on trolled lures before it was time to pack up. A good day overall with 15 fish landed on a great day weather wise.

Florian Peter

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