Billy Downes, Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association, reports on the fishing on the Laune…

By  Monday 16th March water at the Laune Bridge had fallen below 2m.  Laune Anglers waters may be fit for fishing all methods by the weekend.  Over the early days of this week only spinning is possible. When it comes back down to 1.3m or there abouts all methods will be possible. From the end of March there should be good sea trout met in Laune Anglers waters. I have only heard of a few sea trout  caught spinning from Beat 3, but not big.

The Laune
It was a great looking day, but no fish were met

Yesterday, 18 March, was a beautiful day to be out on the river and the Laune was running high at 3 foot on the gauge at Johnston’s (3 Feet on the Gauge at Johnston’s = 1.8m at the Laune Bridge – Apart from days when there might be high water in the Gaddagh and the Gwestin). Just a small drop but enough to make the river very fishable, I should have had the fly rod. The warm sun encouraged a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly to come out to play (a month early) and the furze bushes were at their most fragrant, it was that kind of day. Unfortunately there was no sign of fish.

The Laune Bridge OPW water level: ( )

Billy Downes  Secretary
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers’ Association

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