Despite dropping water levels June started off well with 15 salmon (6 released) caught on the first day of the month. Amongst the successful anglers were John Lawler with a 7 lbs. fish, Tom Devaney with an eight pounder and Vincent Henry who had one of 7 lbs. on the fly.

Luke O’Connell had a good day on Wednesday June 3rd releasing two fish weighing 10 lbs. and 7 lbs. both taken on the fly. Mark Graham also released a fish of approx. 10 lbs. on the fly.

Last week saw some excellent fishing with a total of 84 fish caught, 29 of these being released. Most fish fell to the fly and worm and averaged 5 to 6 lbs. However, the best fish of the week weighed 14 lbs. and was caught by Keith Campbell at the Falls. Most successful flies included Thunderflash,  Gold Body Cascade, Yellow Ally’s Shrimp, and small plastic Willie Gunn tubes.

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