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16/07/15 It was a wild Day on Lough Currane today, even though a few boats did venture out but alas drew a blank. Staying on the weather front it has made another good flood. Will give more facts tomorrow, my net is going down, see you as soon as possible.

17/07/15 Again there was a strong wind from the West, even though there were a few boats out manipulating, sadly they failed miserably in their duties to  procure a Lough Currane wild Game Fish. On the amount of rainfall there has been a total of 79.6mm so far this month and that includes yesterday where there was 14.7mm. So with any luck once Lough Currane settles down again we should see some good action. Just for the record, I get my rainfall facts from

18/07/15 We Start with the early shift on Lough Currane, Northern Ireland angler Mr. Andy Wishart and his gillie  Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of  were in great form early this morning with two fine Grilse caught on the troll, both were in the 7 lbs. class. Now we head downstream to the famous Butler Pool and at Mr. Roger Simpson, fishing with his gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of  caught a fine 6 ½ lbs. Grilse on the fly and they finished their day off on Lough Currane in the Sea Trout fly department with 2 Sea Trout up to 3 lbs. Now we head up to the upper Lakes and Cloonaghlin Mr. Liam Ellis caught and released  a fine Trout on the drift.

Mr. Liam Ellis
Mr. Liam Ellis

19/07/15 Lough Currane was on the quiet side in the fly department so we head straight to the trolling department, Mr. Andy Wishart was in good form again, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of they  caught a 5 lbs. Grilse. Staying in the trolling department, their was a touch of enjoyment followed by a touch  sadness for Local angler Mr. Gerard Cronin of Waterville as he was trolling around  and reminiscing to himself of the great days out on Lough Currane with his good friend and fishing Buddy Tommy O’Sullivan who sadly passed away earlier this year, well Tommy must have been looking down at his good mate Gerard, because it wasn’t long before Gerard caught himself a fine 5 ½ lbs salmon/Grilse, as he netted his fish he looked round as if Tommy was their and Gerard said to himself I dedicate this Salmon in memory of my school and life time good friend Tommy and it is a pity I can’t  shake hands with you my great friend. May the sod rest lightly on his Soul.

Roger and his Family
Roger and his Family

20/07/15 Lough Currane was on the wild side with a strong SW wind blowing. There was only one angler that hit’s today’s headlines in the fly C&R department and that is Northern Ireland Angler, Mr. Andrew Wishart, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of caught 3 fine Sea Trout, two in the 2 ½ lbs. class and finished their day off with a cracker of a Sea Trout of 5 lbs. and the truth of the pudding is in the eating of, as you can see from this great photo taken by Andrew before his gillie, Dominic does the honours of releasing their fine catch. for the rest of the angling community they either failed miserably to catch my Noble Game Fish or they failed to let the fingers do the talking.

Mr. Gerard Cronin
Mr. Gerard Cronin caught on 19.07.2015

21/07/15 The Bungalow Takes the headlines, we start in the Sea Trout department and in the Junior Class, Mr. Tony Hall, caught 1 Junior to his fly rod, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of now to the Italian connection, Mr. Nick Scott from Italy and fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of caught a fine 4 lbs. Sea Trout on the drift. Wind NW light with the odd light shower.

Breaking news just in. Got this one off of Church Island today on fly 3.5lbs on a prototype fly.. Got a few more small lads all returned.. Tks Mike O Driscoll

Mike O'Driscoll
Mike O’Driscoll

This last week has seen a number of fish caught mostly in the 3 to 5lb bracket! The seatrout are starting to co-operate again!

That is your ration from the opening days on Lough Currane, from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery, no spin no fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby

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